Announcing the Combifork: New Innovation Changes the Game For Australian Farmers

Kerfab is proud to announce their new innovation: the Combifork. Combining intelligent and sophisticated design, the Combifork is set to become a game changer for domestic and international farming. This proudly Australian technology will revolutionise the way you work, and is a truly impressive feat of engineering that already has people talking.


Combining the round bale fork and the pallet fork, the Combifork combines the best functions of each attachment in one handy unit. The unique design boasts a non-detach solution, where all components are on hand and connected to the frame – not stored elsewhere where they can be damaged or deteriorate from repeated uncoupling.

Attaching easily to common farm equipment, this nifty unit handles hay bales with ease and gets the job done when pallets, poles or chemical shuttles need shifting. The beauty of the Combifork is that you’re always prepared for any situation, no matter where you are on the farm. With a simple change over method the Combifork enables a simple switch between functions, while everything (including the forks) stays with the frame.

This impressive unit weighs around 250 kilograms, and there’s no need to juggle multiple attachments now that one multitasking unit can do the job. Additionally, the dual function means big savings, and is up to 30% cheaper than the cost of buying the round bale fork and pallet fork separately.

For further information, technical specifications or pricing enquiries, please contact Kerfab.


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