Go+Range Attachments

Easy ordering. 7-day dispatch. Free shipping. Kerfab’s Go+Range offers our most popular attachments with the unbeatable Go+Guarantee to get you back on the job faster!

Onboard Weighing

Get a gauge on what you're carrying.

Onboard Scales to Suit Civil and Agricultural Industries

Alongside machinery attachments, Kerfab offer smaller attachments that can be more valuable than any other product. We sell three different types of weighing systems to eliminate guess work and increase profitability at an affordable price. No matter what industry or machine type, we have the solution. Find one for your telehandler or forklift today!

Backed Up with Local Support

At Kerfab we offer both installation and local support at no additional cost. You won’t find this kind of service available anywhere else in the nation. Our trained installers will ensure that you know how to control your on-board weighing system. So what are you waiting for? Start reaping the benefits of accurate loading today.