Go+Range Attachments

Easy ordering. 7-day dispatch. Free shipping. Kerfab’s Go+Range offers our most popular attachments with the unbeatable Go+Guarantee to get you back on the job faster!

Bale Forks

Bales of any shape will be no issue with these attachments.

Bale Forks for Rounds or Square Bales

Check out our range of options for lifting round or square bales for any handling machine. Note there are a range back-frame options available to ensure you can use your machine to its maximum capacity. Our round bale forks also known as hay bale forks, these can be used to pierce the hay bale (flat side) or you can simply slide the tines under the bale to support it, keeping the bale firmly in place. Whilst our square bale forks allow for the safe handling of individual or multiple bales. It can transport both round and square bales, and is used for stacking in sheds or hay stockpiles.

Quick Turnaround

Kerfab’s sales team product specialists are always willing to discuss applications and machines types with clients to ensure you get the right fork for the job. We go that extra mile and certify capacity to get you the best performance from your bucket and machine combination. Talk to a Kerfab team member today about getting your bale fork tomorrow.