Go+Range Attachments

Easy ordering. 7-day dispatch. Free shipping. Kerfab’s Go+Range offers our most popular attachments with the unbeatable Go+Guarantee to get you back on the job faster!

Pallet Forks

Lift and load any items with our range of pallet forks.

Pallet Fork for Every Application

Whether its lifting pallets, posts, timber packs or pipes we have you covered with the Kerfab pallet fork. The use of this attachment is endless, Kerfab makes moving equipment so much easier with the pallet fork attachment. The range of pallet forks for sale will amaze you, the only difficulty youll have is choosing what one you want next.

Top Quality and Reliable

Our range of pallet forks for sale will make light work of your heavy loads. Consult a Kerfab team member today and they will be able to help you ensure you’re getting the most out of your pallet fork. The Kerfab promise ensures your product is top quality and reliable we can guarantee you wont be disappointed the only question you’ll be left asking is what product do I want next?