Go+Range Attachments

Easy ordering. 7-day dispatch. Free shipping. Kerfab’s Go+Range offers our most popular attachments with the unbeatable Go+Guarantee to get you back on the job faster!


Get a grip on waste with these grapples.

The Multi Purpose Grapple Range for Every Application

If you’re clearing scrub, handling bulk green waste or refuse, we have a grapple that will suit your machine and application. The grapple comes in up to six bucket variants, including the following options: Removable grab option so the bucket can be used for other purposes, A soft tine front on the grapple to assist with the handling of recyclable material such as cardboard, paper and plastic; to ensure these items don’t gather on the tines of the grapple and Single or double grapple clamps dependent on the application or product being handled, just to name a few.

Talk to Us About your Application

Kerfab can ensure you get the right grapple for your machine and application. This means best fit and use of your machines capacity to ensure you get the best performance from your grapple and machine combination.