Go+Range Attachments

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Heavy Duty Grader Blade

Powerful design for high tensile construction

Engineered in Australia for Durability

The grader blade is engineered for heavy-duty construction and can be fitted front mount to road graders, tractors and wheel loaders.

Built to withstand high tolerances so you can rest assured this grader attachment will serve you for years to come.

Compatible with wheel loaders all you’ll need to do is use the quick hitch compatibility, and you're ready to go.

Ace The Base With a Heavy Duty Grader Blade

The Heavy Duty Grader Blade is designed to make creating a level base for a high tensile construction, roadwork, railways and landscaping easy and efficient.

Precision slopes for drainage and landscaping

The blade grader can also be used to create a base with a specified slope for projects such as terracing, land stabilising, aesthetic contouring, and directing stormwater runoff, and improving drainage and irrigation runoff flows.