Five Ways to Multitask Your Ag Loader with Go+ Attachments

Heavy equipment is expensive, so savvy business operators make the machines they already have work smarter by multitasking them. Ag loaders can perform a variety of tasks with the right choice of attachments, and our Go+ Range will get you straight to work with minimal wait times.

Kerfab makes a promise that is hard to beat – place your order and we’ll ship it to your doorstep within seven working days, from our factory to your premises. This super-fast free delivery guarantee is achieved with the help of our trusted network of couriers and contractors.


Five Attachments for Multi-tasking Ag Loaders

Kerfab has developed five hardworking attachments within the Go+ Range that are compatible with your ag loader, transforming it into a multitasking marvel. No matter what the job is, we have the attachment that will make it simple.

1. Two-Tine Round Bale Fork

The round bale fork can be used to pierce the hay bale on the flat side, or you can slide the tines under the bale to support it while keeping the bale firmly in place. With both tines securely holding the hay, the bale will not rotate when being stacked or carried.

2. Four-Tine Square Bale Fork

This handles hay bales with ease, thanks to smart engineering that maximises control. They are designed to transfer the weight of the bale as close to the machinery handler as possible, resulting in greater control of the bale and less potential for damage.

3. Five Tine Square Bale Fork

The square hay fork allows for the safe handling of round or square bales, either as individual units or in multiples. Perfect for stacking in sheds or hay stockpiles. this attachment is available with manual and hydraulic adjustable back frames.

4. L Series 4 in 1 Bucket

The L series 4 in 1 bucket has been specially designed for superior performance when grabbing logs or rocks, pulling out fence posts, and grading and levelling.

Complete with optional replaceable hardened teeth and edges and high tensile wear edges, the bucket’s heavy duty steel construction is extremely durable, and is universally compatible with quick hitches and ag loaders.

5. Adjustable Drop Forged Industrial Pallet Fork

This attachment comes standard with ITA 1070mm long tines, and the option of 1220mm tines with a high back frame is also available. With a capacity of up to 5,000 kg, this tough unit can handle just about anything – all it takes is a quick hitch and you’re ready to work.

All of these attachments are part of our Go+ Range, and our dispatch guarantee promises they will be shipped within seven working days of your order. Sound too good to be true? We pride ourselves on always delivering in full and on time, and we will respond to your quote request within two hours.

For the full list of attachments or for more information about the Go+ Range, visit www.kerfab.com.au to get your free download.


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