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Land Clearing Made Easy

Save time, labour and money.

Land Clearing: Find the right attachment to make clearing a breeze

Find land clearing tools that work as hard as you do

Land clearing can be back-breaking work; from clearing brush, removing trees and digging up rocks, to filling in holes smoothing furrows and hills, and removing stumps.

Get the job done quickly, without hassle or injury by turning your existing wheel loader, telehandler, front-end loader, or excavator into a multi-tasking marvel.

With Kerfab's state-of-the-art Aussie-made attachments we promise you'll save time, reduce labour, avoid unnecessary risk and spend less on expensive one-job machinery. 

Pick up tips and find new uses for your machines in our free land clearing guide, featuring:

  • A full range of grabs, rakes and blade attachments 
  • Side-by-side feature comparison
  • Real-life customer stories

And much, much more!

Download the guide today.

Find land clearing tools that work as hard as you do