Wheel Loader Buckets

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Kerfab are the specialists in wheel loader buckets. With nearly 30 years of experience, you can rest assured that Kerfab has the knowledge, experience, and the team to provide the best attachment to maximise your machine’s output and minimise attachment-related downtime.

Our engineering team have compiled a library of engineering drawings and specifications of most wheel loaders in Australia and New Zealand. This library coupled with our extensive experience allows us to confidently recommend, design, and fabricate the perfect bucket for any wheel loader. We look to maximise the productivity and efficiency of your loader while ensuring the bucket will not exceed the limits of the machine.

Our range of wheel loader buckets includes GP, rehandling, 4 in 1, light materials, high dump, sieve (or skeleton), dump, rock buckets and more. We also supply bucket grapples and auger/mixer buckets. For more information on each individual bucket, please see the individual pages below.

After working in the various areas in the construction, agricultural, and waste management industries, we have an understanding of the different needs and requirements in each industry. A bucket built for purpose will provide the best performance and return from the machine.

We are currently developing a wheel loader bucket guide to help our customers learn more about the different types of buckets and their uses. This guide will be available shortly.

Please browse our range of wheel loader buckets below and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us on 1800 818 079, email us at sales@kerfab.com, or submit a quote request on a product’s page.