Wheel Loader Attachments

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Kerfab designs, manufactures, and supplies a range of wheel loader attachments including; buckets, pallet forks, grabs, lifting jibs, blades, and bale forks.

We have nearly 3 decades of experience building wheel loader attachments and Kerfab products can be found on building sites, farms, and waste handling facilities across Australia and New Zealand.

Our attachments (listed below) are generally designed for wheel loaders between 1-30 tonnes. Not all attachments are suited to for each size, but this is where Kerfab’s team of engineers and industry trained sales staff can assist in designing and fabricating an attachment to suit your needs and your machine.

We keep some attachments in stock in both our Victorian and Western Australian facilities so we can fulfil orders quickly and price effectively.

Please browse our range of wheel loader attachments below and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us on 1800 818 079, email us at sales@kerfab.com, or submit a quote request on a product’s page.