Six times land got the better of objects

It’s crazy to think that given time nature can reclaim almost any uninhabited building or abandoned item.

It makes for amazing photographs, but it can also lead to some unsafe situations, increasing the risk of fire, injury and wild weather debris.

One of the best ways to avoid unsafe areas on your property is to conduct regular maintenance. This can be as simple as tidying-up small branches and undergrowth and cleaning the leaves from the guttering.

However, there are times when more heavy duty equipment is needed; luckily here a Kerfab we have an attachment perfectly for almost any job you’ll come across.

These place could definitely use a tidy-up using one or more of our Kerfab machinery attachments.


Bicycle swallowed by a tree, Vashon Island, Washington

bike in tree

Vintage car graveyard, Belgium

Studebaker slumbering in a swamp, Savannah, Georgia

Combi grows green with weeds, unknown

An abandoned barn and vintage trucks, Washington

Engine problems, New Zealand



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