Sustainable Ways To Sort Waste for Recycling

Tyre waste is a serious environmental issue, and recyclers are taking on the challenge of turning landfill into sustainable solutions. Discover what we’re doing to help.


Tyre handling for recycling made easy with our unique attachment

 Kerfab has collaborated with a large recycling business to help solve the logistical problem of transporting high volumes of used tyres. To grapple with the unique circular shapes, we produced a grab that was specially designed to handle tyres and other recyclables where required.

This grab has been engineered to handle the tyres in their original form, allowing the operator to easily grab hold of them and move them into a large grinder. The beauty of the new attachment is that large amounts of tyres can be processed this way, enabling the recycling yard to handle high volumes with ease.


Our commitment to a sustainable future

 Kerfab is a proud supporter of pragmatic approaches to the sustainable management of waste, and fully promotes recycling. To show our support and embrace our responsibility to the environment we are introducing a new re-manufactured attachments program, known as “Refab”.

We’ve committed to refabricating or repairing attachments* that have been in the field, reconditioning them where possible into a quality second hand attachment. Kerfab is proud to be doing its part to contribute to the sustainability movement, for the future of our planet.

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