Waste Management: There’s Always a Way!

Don’t let waste management get you down; there’s always an attachment that can help you get the job done. Discover how to solve your waste handling problems – fast.

We’ve listed three of the most common waste types, and the individual attachments that can minimise your rubbish handling problems.


Three Common Waste Types – And How to Tackle Them


1) Green waste

 Green waste is biodegradable, and often comes in the form of garden or park waste like grass or tree cuttings, branches and hedge trimmings, as well as domestic and commercial timber waste. It can be heavy and cumbersome to shift.


Problem solved: Two attachments are perfect at taming green waste products: scrub grapples and industrial bucket grapples. These can help load mulching machines and grinders while leaving dirt and other unwanted rubbish behind, because the tine base allows it to sift through.


2) Recyclables

 Recyclable waste includes a variety of material types, including glass, paper, cardboard, metal, plastic and electronics. The aim of recycling is to convert various waste types into new products, so the capacity for sorting is paramount.


Problem solved: The high dump bucket and wheel loader light materials bucket can fix this. Material from a collection dump or sorting yard can be loaded onto a high sided trailer and transferred to a waste sorting facility. They can send any truck to pick up waste because the high dump bucket enables them to load any size or height of  truck.


3) Household waste

 Household waste consists of items that are discarded by the general public and collected by rubbish trucks as a municipal service. It consists of discarded food, yard waste, plastic containers, packaging materials, and other miscellaneous solids.


Problem solved: Think high dump buckets, wheel loader light materials buckets and 4 in 1 buckets. This sector normally moves in bulk, so large buckets are ideal. Waste is sent via truck to processing facilities, so we’ve designed a large light materials bucket (with trash rack) offering the best possible machine utilisation.

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